Solace for the Hunter

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

The hunter creeps in the forest. As he comes up on the game, it perks its ears: it hears. Silently, now, fellow! Grasp too hard, grasp too fast, she slips away. A limp fish grip, too, and she wriggles out. A koan: neither choke nor release but hold. Slowly, silently, smoothly with confidence and swagger move swiftly towards the goal. But in that search nothing is found, only an experience with the pursued is gained. A dance with the world and nothing more. Done for no purpose but the doing, and in that you find the meaning! The forest is not home, but simply a retreat and an exercise or a place of necessity. We dip into these inky shadows to test our mettle and return unscathed. And if we are to never return? Then better the world for finding our place. If we return the stronger, the better for us, and if we remain the weaker, the fulfiller of destiny. Go with purpose, go with strength, go to see where your armor is faulty, and feel the depths of the cold, damp mist.

Photo by Massimiliano Morosinotto on Unsplash

Commanding and commandeering across the plane
Seeking a shingle to rent to the masses:
Who knows the truth beyond our existence,
Who hears the call of the third righteous way?
Call on me, see through me, brightness of dawn;
Palms upturned receiving her alms,
Basking in limelight panned by the crowd,
Unbearable truth to be born by the proud.
And on it carries, but go not in haste,
Take, grasp the reigns, lest you wallow in Fate!
Feel all to feel, and carry not meaning,
For into the night we drive out of frame.

Arise from slumber, awaken and feel the warm sun
Rise on your face, your chest, the rays taking turns
To enlighten, to brighten, to excite, to sound
The drum of dawn deciding your fate as night
Turn to day and take pride in the life wrought for you;
Brought forth to sense and sidle through your filters
Finding what?
This cycle:
Pendulum swing, settle, climb
Or falls rolling, rushing like water
Filling the space, expanding, exciting
The warm sun again gives rise to a new day
Dusk into dawn

Photo by Jasper Boer on Unsplash




Traveling through the Intersections

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Traveling through the Intersections

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